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VersiJack® is an advanced generation of pedestals engineered to provide a versatile and sustainable solution to support raised pavers and decking. It improves heat and sound insulation, facilitates rapid surface drainage and creates an easily accessible chamber to conceal mechanical and electrical services. The pedestals are easy-to-use across its extensive height range allowing for an efficient and costeffective solution.

VersiJack® C

VersiJack® C consists a range of eight pedestals that extend from 13 mm to 1014 mm. It is complemented by a comprehensive list of accessories to accommodate installations of various requirements. Engineered to reduce material, construction, and lifecycle costs, VersiJack® C pedestals offer a versatile and sustainable solution for supporting raised pavers and decking.

About VersiJack® C

VersiJack® C provides the options of both top and bottom slope correction compensating for gradients to create leveled surfaces.Using a Bottom Slope Corrector allows the pedestal to remain firmly upright on an incline.

VersiJack® C has a large flat base with rounded edges to prevent compromise of the waterproofing membrane. The perforated base prevents the breeding of insects resulting from ponding. Grooves allow the base to be cut to fit wall corners and edges.

  1. Top Slope Corrector
    Creates level surfaces by compensating for gradients up to 5%.
  2. Pedestal Top
    Designed to integrate seamlessly with all existing VersiJack accessories.
  3. Barrel Extender
    Requires only 3 extenders to reach a maximum height of 1014 mm.
  4. Locking Ring
    Locking rings on the pedestal top and barrel extender ensure individual pedestals are secured at the desired heights.
  5. Pedestal Base
    Large contact surface provides uniform weight distribution. Drainage holes prevent water pooling.
  6. Base Extender
    The clip-on base extender allows for simple and quick height increment.
  7. Bottom Slope Corrector
    Allows pedestals to remain firmly upright on inclines of up to 5%.
  8. Dampening Pad
    Self-adhesive thermoplastic foam pad protects the underlying membrane and acts as an acoustic and vibration dampening layer.

Wall SPacer

Wall Spacer serves as a permanent compressible buffer to allow for expansion, contraction, and paver movement.

Vertical Edge Clips

Vertical Paver Clips allow pavers to be installed upright to create a closed edge installation.

Variable Angle Spacer Tab

Variable Angle Spacer Tab has rotatable posts to support up to 6 pavers with different corner angles.

Bearer Holder

Bearer Holder keeps 35 mm to 80 mm bearers firmly centered in place on pedestals.

Concealed Paver Retainer

Concealed Paver Retainer increases wind uplift resistance for elevated roof pavers while remaining invisible.

Exposed Paver Retainer

Exposed Paver Retainer increases wind uplift resistance for elevated roof pavers.

Timber Tile Fastener

Timber Tile Fastener is a hidden fastener for removable timber tile.

Pedestal Shim

Allows for minor height increments, as well as providing sound and vibration dampening.