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TrackGard® is a modular heavy-duty surface protection system ideal for areas requiring durable access and ground protection to support the weight of large trucks, forklifts, and other heavy equipment.


TrackGard® is engineered to distribute weight and contour over the ground surface to provide a surface that delivers the optimal combination of strength and flexibility to support heavy weight and moving loads.

About TrackGard®

TrackGard® has excellent slip-resistance surface and its contiguous installation ensures a safe walkable path for pedestrians and for wheelchairs. Each UV-stabilized module is lightweight allowing for fast installation and dismantle times, requires minimal maintenance and is easy to clean using a high pressure washer.

The hexagonal design of TrackGard® provides tremendous strength and versatility as adjacent modules support each other on 6 sides. Modules simply snap together without the use of any tools.

For applications over softer ground natural grass or heavy vehicles, such as semi-tractor trailers and other equipment, TrackGard® should be used with a lightweight geotextile fabric.

TrackGard® is suitable for use on sport athletic fields, construction sites, stadiums and temporary shelters.

Features and Benefits

• The perfect solution for portable flooring, temporary roads and ground protection
• Has a robust construction ideal for large vehicles and equipment
• Made from UV-stabilized thermoplastic for additional durability
• Hexagonal design has excellent strength as adjacent modules support each other on six sides
• Easily installed and removed by unskilled labour
• Does not require any tools or additional pieces to secure modules to each other
• Modules are completely interchangeable and expandable
• Stores compactly on pallets or TrackGard® cages for easy transport and redeployment

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