Rectangular Floor Grille

Powerfloor Floor Grille is designed for use in raised floor air distribution systems, where the floor cavity is used as a pressurized supply air plenum and is suitable to apply as perimeter ventilation. It creates vertical up stream flow pattern directed by extruded deflection bar at center core. Extruded aluminum bars create aesthetically appealing and excellent durability.


Materials Diffuser core : Aluminum A6063.
Frame : Aluminum A6063.

Surface Finish

Anodized or powder coated

Standard size

Available upon request


G1 Opposed blade damper


• 30 degree or 0 degree deflection blades for different air
distribution application.
• Aluminum core provides high strength to withstand loads.
• Suitable for perimeter air cooling.
• Provide Low turbulence air flow with optimal velocity.
• Easy installation.

Construction illustration

construction grille-supplier

Physical Dimension (Unit : mm)


Air Flow Performance Data (Neck Size : 1000mm x 200mm)

  • Throw Values are based on an entire section one meter length.
  • Terminal veloctity are based on 0.5m/s and 0.25m/s respectively
  • Throw data is based on isothermal conditions
  • NC Value is based on room absroption of 10dB, re10-12 watts