PE foam (Closed Cell W3CF2) is produced by binding polymer molecules in 3 dimensions, thus producing a hydrocarbon chain of high mechanical strength and heat resistance. The process not only stabilizes the cell / bubble formation during expansion of the foam, but also enhances the resistance of the material to thermal and mechanical collapse.

Closed Cell W3CF2 exhibits excellent heat resistance, is immune to attack from most chemicals, has very low water vapor diffusion, high rupture strength, and does not suffer from stress cracking or brittle fracture at low temperatures.

Closed Cell W3CF2 insulation has a very low co-efficient of thermal conductivity, and high resilience to deformation. Supplied in fire retardant grades, Closed Cell W3CF2 is a self-extinguishing material, and can never be the root cause of any fire.

Closed Cell W3CF2 is offered in any thickness between 2 and 50mm in 1mm increments. Any size of rolls or sheets can be supplied to minimize wastage. Various colors are available, and custom colors can be made dependent on order volume. Installation time is reduced further when supplied with self-adhesive backing, and if required, Closed Cell W3CF2 can be laminated (by flame) with various aluminum films and foils.

PU foam is a three components system for the production of closed cell rigid foams using R11 as blowing agent.

PU Foam is formed when two separate chemical are mixed together in the presence of a catalyst. When the chemical are mix in the mixing chamber located at the spray gun, the re-action will give off heat which will vaporize the blowing agent which will cause the mixture to expand into a rigid foam which is about 30 times the volumn of its original liquid constituents.