POWERFLOOR woodcore panel is constructed from a high density moisture resistant structural grade chipboard core encased in steel sheets top and bottom with a PVC edge trim. On top of the steel sheet is laminated with a anti-static HPL (High Pressure Laminated) sheet as a top finished. The moisture resistant structural core protects the panel from situations that normally permanently damage a traditional woodcore panel. The panel is of robust construction and provides excellent uniform load performance.


Model PW800, PW1000, PW1500
Surface High pressure laminate tile
Ingredient High density chipboard
Size 600mm × 600mm × 32mm
600mm × 600mm × 40mm
Height 100mm – 1000mm
  • General Office
  • Computer Rooms
  • Equipment Rooms
  • Exhibition Areas
  • School or University
  • Call Centres
  • Date Centres
  • Control Centres
  • Research Facilities
  • Heavy service corridors and heavy plant rooms
Model Concentrated Load Uniform Load Rolling Load (N) Impact Load Ultimate Load
lbs/in2 UKN/m2 10 passes 10000 passes KN N
PW-800 800 12 3560 2670 0.5 14680
PW-1000 1000 13 4450 3560 0.5 16900
PW-1500 1500 16 6670 5560 0.6 26690